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Hello, our team from mygamingtools.com has finally created this unique tool that unlocks skins, champions, runes and adds riot points and gold for your League of Legends account. Don’t worry this cheat engine is 100% secure and safe. Our hack tools are virus free and you can use them as much as you want with no fear.

For the latest version (v1.4) of League of Legends Cheat Engine we fixed:

- Bugs with the user interface

- Improved CPU usage

-added progress bar

-the cheat engine v1.4 doesn’t freeze anymore

-changed the GUI a bit

League of Legends Cheat Engine League of Legends Cheat Engine


The latest version will give you an in-game interface so you don’t have to switch back and forth anymore. The cheat engine will use keyboard shortcuts as well. Click start on the League of Legends cheat engine and press CTRL+F1 in-game for the list of shortcuts.

How to use the cheat engine: 

Well, it’s pretty easy, after you download it from the button down below, just open it. If you have any doubt and you think it contains any virus, just have your anti-virus scan it or upload it to virustotal.com and scan it. But our team can assure you its 100% safe.

After you opened it, input your League of Legends username and click connect, it will open the game and you can see the cheat engine will be loaded. Next, just press CTRL+F1 because it’s easier, or you can unlock the features from the interface (as seen on the screenshot above) and press START button to load them.

Let’s see what the latest League of Legends cheat engine brings:

-League of Legends ip hack

-League of Legends zoom hack

-League of Legends rp hack

-map hack

-skin hack

-riot points

-money hack

-level hack

-speed hack

-runes hack

-champions hack

-drop hack

The League of Legends cheat engine is completely free, it doesn’t require you to pay any money anymore, just click the button down below and download it to your hard-drive.  The cheat engine is constantly updated and bugs are being fixed weekly by our team.

Download League of Legends cheat engine. Latest Version.

About League of Legends:

It’s a team-based , strategy MMORPG, awesome game made by DotA All-stars. League of Legends is similar to DotA game play. The game is now distributed in America, Europe and Asia with more areas under consideration. Before entering a game, a player needs to select his hero which suits his play style. Each one has its own abilities and attributes. After that the players engage in the Field of Justice. With 2 major maps to explore and always expanding champions to add in, players will find engagement to League of Legends is simply irresistible.


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